Find the special one

I am an ordinary girl like any other girls in my teenage dreaming about a perfect partner. Even though i still have many male friends and by keeping good company with them i already had many bitter experiences in my past years. So i have this thought in my mind that gents always want to take advantage of us. I used to smile and talk, but i never believed them.

So here i want to introduce a boy who accidently came into my life and changed some of my expectations. When i joined my pregraduation school i was just 16. Everything seems to be new. New place ,new friends, even new books.

There is this boy who always feel familiar to me. When ever i see him, i have a feeling of invisible bonding between us. He was nothing special to anyone,but he was..only to me. We came to know each other ,become friends.When we spend time together he behaved like a loving care taker for me. i saw sincerity in his eyes.

Then we seperated. We start running behind our higher education,carrier and lot more. Our contact became narrowed and narrowed. We never got chances to meet each other, And finally we just become familiar persons. We don’t know our daily routines each other even future plans. But when ever i see his name in my phone or one of his photo in any of my social media platform it can bring a smile on my face. Whenever he calls me i feel like someone is there who still cares, whom i can trust.

He is the one,who is the reason for me to think everyone who came across your life isn’t bad and we have to trust some of them without questions.Because they can leave footprints of good memories rather than deep paining wounds in your heart.

You may feel this as very silly but what i want you people to understand is sometimes you didn’t even notice the people who truly meant for you,who can spread the smile by actually doing nothing. So start thinking now, who are the special one for you and start making good memories with them. They do worth for that.


Feel the nature around you

it was like any other morning,i was still in my bed thinking about my weird future plans. My home is situvated in a countryside where it is surrounded by many trees and plants. Someone tickled me and suddenly i woke up from all my thoughts. Who was that? Oh! it’s nothing other than my phone which is vibrating. I layed on my phone last night. It was my friend who was calling. He called to let me know that he won’t be available for me today.

In between he was cancelling all our plans and my scoldings, he suddenly said me to keep quiet. I was like ‘what?’ . After the two minute of silence he asked me ‘is that the sound of birds?’ and he continued that am so lucky to hear birds chirping in every morning. Actually i shocked at first. After his call i looked outside through my window. There were so many birds in every tree. I never noticed that in my life before.

I closed my eyes, felt my breath,and listened to that birds. I smiled,and that smile was an involuntary action. From that day onwards i started wake up from my sleep with that smile on my face.

Feel the nature around you. Leave all your problems aside. Keep smiling.😊